About Us

The Science and TEchnology in PUblic Policy (STEPUP) group at Boston University

In the Fall of 2015, a group of graduate students and postdocs came together to explore our shared interest in science policy. Our stated mission is threefold: to promote understanding of the role of science in dictating policy both nationally and internationally, to support interested graduate students and post-docs on the path to developing a career in policy, and to communicate the importance of science-led initiatives in legislation to the general public.

To these ends, we have wide-ranging plans that include community outreach (e.g., science cafés), inviting science policy experts to BU for talks, hosting student-led round table policy discussions, and sponsoring career exploration activities.

Whether you’re aiming to make a difference with your career in the future, or are eager to help people in a concrete way during the course of your studies, the STEPUP community can help you transform your curiosity and good intentions into action!

We aim to meet at least once a month. See our calendar for scheduled meetings, discussions, and special events. See our constitution for details about how we operate.

We’re always open to ideas. If you’d like to lead a discussion, suggest a discussion topic, or pitch an outreach project, feel free to contact us at stepup@bu.edu.

We hope you will join us soon!